JSpeak Solutions

"Unchain Your Success"

JSpeak Solutions is a company based in Houston, Texas. The owner and founder is Jane Archie, an educator, and  bi-lingual businesswoman with extensive experience in many sectors of the workforce.

The focus of JSpeak Solutions is to further lifelong learning. Training and education are vital to a productive workforce. Helping students and instructors prepare for the move from school to work is critical for a successful future.

Working with vocational schools to raise their standards of education through the accreditation process is necessary for a strong educational support system. JSpeak Solutions works to help facilitate these transitions to success.

Jane has:

  •  Served as Campus Director of American National College                           (Royal Beauty Careers)Beauty schools for eight years
  •  Trained dozens of successful Cosmetology Instructors
  •  Successfully guided several schools through the accreditation process
  •  Managed a Houston Works USA Workforce Development and                   Employment office at Northline Mall for five years
  •  Delivered training seminars on Workforce Development, and                       Team Building throughout the state of Louisiana,and at National                 Workforce Professional conferences in Texas and Oregon  
  •  Trained Beauty School owners on Accreditation standards for                      NACCAS in Puerto Rico 
  •   Trained in both English and Spanish