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Approved TDLR courses for ALL Licenses

Are you tired of boring continuing education classes that waste your time?

Then JSpeak is your Solution!


TDLR Course # 26066

Expires: 07-01-2023

"The best course I ever attend thank you this is going to help my future business and grow since I just recently move" - Ana Gongora

Rated 5 out of 5

In this class we focus on:

  • The pros and cons of working for someone else

  • What to expect when working for yourself

  • What needs to happen no matter which direction you choose


ALL TDLR-approved continuing education courses are accepted for license renewal for Instructors!  Courses that include teaching methodology are no longer required!!  More information can be found on the TDLR Cosmetology page as of June 16, 2022: "Barbering and Cosmetology Instructor License Renewals."

What our customers are saying

Good afternoon, Ms. Archie,

I have completed the course Building A Beauty Business part 1.  The course was extremely informative and covered many aspects that are pertinent to starting a business. The program was very informative and beneficial. The material covered topics that I hadn't considered, so I'm glad I took another course with you for this renewal cycle

C.Felix, Cosmetologist Eyelash Extensions

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