Praise for these courses

Comment: I was so very impressed with the Continued Education course JSpeaksSolutions! It was so informative till I just couldn't put it down! This is just what the industry needed Thanks so much Mrs. Archie! PS: Thanks for being my Instructor/Director

Bridgett Banks, Educator Ogle School Hair, Skin and Nails Stafford,

Texas, 4-4-2018

" I really want to convey how appreciative I am to you for creating this course, that I had no idea would give me the spark that I need so much AT THIS VERY MOMENT. Your course was very practical and informative for our industry and although I have just recently taken a Social Media Marketing for Small Business course, I still found your information very informative, up-to-date practical for the beauty business owner. I could really see your your loyalty and genuine interest in the industry and the professionals who work in it coming through as I took the class. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and gift."

Tiffany, Operator,12-19-2017

Title: Best class!

Comment: All videos. No boring reading. Thank you, Ms. Jane Archie! I feel like my time was productive unlike some other online classes.

Stacey, Operator, 1-12-2018

Amazing class! Being a trainer in a corporate location your points hit the nail on the head on how to run a business from the top of the business (owner) to the worker bees (stylists). Will be taking another one of these courses in the future!

C.Felix, Cosmetologist Eyelash Extensions, 8-4-2016

"Title: A God Send!!!

Comment: I am 70% done taking this course and I'm actually sad that it's coming to an end. I even hope to have continued access to the material after I complete the course so that I can review it from time to time. This course was well put together and very interesting. And this course was not my even my first option in CEUs (sorry)... But after not being able to take any other course due to my schedule, this course kept screaming "Pick me, Pick Me"! That's why it is a ... God Send! Thank you very much for this well put together project, done with complete excellence! Rated 5 out of 5"

K. Anthony, Operator, 7-26-2016

"I have used other online courses, but this one has been the best by far. I felt as though the instructor was right there with me. While learning more I never felt like blah, blah, another lecture. I'm so happy that I found out about this course. I spent more money on other courses and didn't get the feeling that someone is watching what is going on. I loved the videos and pictures and minions, very colorful and eye catching."

Loretta Kirkpatrick Clark, Instructor, 5-4-2016

Title: The Best Teacher ever!

Comment: Love the choice selection of videos! Along with the inspirational quotes,its all such a breathe of fresh air! The Passion for teaching is still REAL! Thanks so much for this course! Great job, Jane Archie!😉

 Angelia Phillips, Instructor, 3-17-2018

"Comment: The videos within the training were excellent. Thank you Ms. Archie - Keep up the Good Work! A very Nice Way to END this training. Wow a Very inspiring Video..This Video is a nice way to say Thank You (to very teach who are teaching) to those who has chosen to be teachers. Who each day is willing to share their knowledge. Send me a reminder for your next course.

Chawanar, Instructor, 10-27-2017

Title: Exciting and Inspirational

Comment: Loved the inspiration I received from this! I will definitely use your program again in the very near future. This makes me want to not wait until the last minute to do my CE hours, like I always do! Rated 5 out of 5

Victoria, Instructor, 11-1-2017

"Comment: The lesson was well presented and it gave me ideas on how to best teach my classes"

 Joyce, Instructor course 3-2-2018

"This is the first time I actually paid attention at a hundred percent. The information was very helpful. I loved the videos with "Friends" and "Everyone Loves Raymond". I like all the quotes I am going to use them with my workers.

 Rated 5 out of 5" 

E. Tallman, Operator, 10-2-2016

"This year I will have held my Instructors and operators License for 20 years. This course was a refreshing change of pace. LOVED IT! I will make sure to take it again. Be sure to send me an email, mail notice, or give me a call for renewal. Rated 5 out of 5, Thanks."

 Tammy Holland, Instructor 7-18-2016

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