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General FAQs

  1. Is JSpeak Solutions a licensed TDLR provider? YES, the provider number is: 2013
  2. Are these courses approved by The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation?  Yes, each course provided has been reviewed and accepted to meet the licensing requirements by The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.  The courses are listed with TDLR on the website under Continuing Education Providers and under JSpeak Solutions.
  3. Can I get partial credit for completing part of a required continuing education course?  No, partial credit will not be given.
  4. Will you report my hours to the state?  Yes. As long as the student has completed the course correctly, and spent the required hours on the site in the course, the hours will be recorded in TDLR within 48 hours of completion
  5. Do I have to have my H.S. diploma, GED, or show proof of passing the ATB test in order to RENEW any cosmetology license?  YES, until September 2023 at which time you will not need to show proof of education for any renewal
  6. Does a salon have to renew their license every year? No, they must renew every other year
  7. Can I earn my continuing education credits at ANY class or workshop taken in a conference?  Not necessarily. The course must be listed as a TDLR approved course. Click here for a list of providers.
  8. Do I have to accumulate all of my continuing education hours at the same time?  NO
  9. If I finish my four hours of continuing education in 2020, right after my license is renewed, will it still be good for the renewal of my license in 2022?  YES, meaning you will not need more CE until your license is up for renewal in 2024.
  10. Does TDLR accept payments from money PAK and green dot cards as well as cash and PayPal? NO, TDLR only accepts credit cards, personal / cashier checks and money orders 
  11. How long must I keep a copy of my continuing education certificate of completion? You are required to keep a copy of the continuing education certificate for two years after the date of course completion
  12. What is the refund policy?  A student may receive a full refund for a period of ten (10) days after purchase as long as the following provisions are met: a) Payment for the course has been received in full by; b) Less than 10% of the program has been completed; c) No certification has been issued for the completion of the course; d) The refund is issued in the same way as payment was tendered

If your question is not answered here, please click the link below so I may better serve you!

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