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Approved TDLR courses for Instructor ONLY

TDLR Course #23447 

(includes 1 hr sanitation & 3 hrs teaching methodologies)

Expires: 12-21-2021

In this class we focus on:

  • How past teacher & student expectations have changed
  • What the classroom of today looks like
  • How to include entrepreneurship in everyday lessons

What our customers are saying

I have used other online courses, but this one has been the best by far. I felt as though the instructor was right there with me. While learning more I never felt like blah, blah, another lecture. I'm so happy that I found out about this course. I spent more money on other courses and didn't get the feeling that someone is watching what is going on. I loved the videos and pictures and minions, very colorful and eye catching.

Loretta Kirkpatrick Clark, Instructor

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